Favorite Quote: “What ever is humanly possible, consider it within your reach!” (Chris Howard)sb_marketing2

Sanja loves to move, touch and inspire, and support seekers in setting their passions and potentials free in order for them to become their own life designers, and abundant creators of their own prosperous lives.

She was always fascinated by the power of mind like the mental strength education experienced in martial arts where body, spirit, and mind get challenged to their limits and continuously empowered. This is what attracted her into practicing martial arts from her teen age on, and later diving into further exploring the subconscious mind and sciences like quantum physics.

After many years in the corporate world, and what one would commonly call being successful in the usual matrix, her personal development education opened the path into coaching, and then entrepreneurship in the field of online marketing, which she is very passionate about.

Mindset & Marketing is the “secret” foundation of every successful business person in history. Without promotion nobody will know about you or your business. Yet, without the right mindset all other potential resources mean nothing. We need tools, a level of skill, professional understanding in our desired field, but at the end, it is only the right mental attitude that will make the desired success in life and business really happen. It is having the right mindset that will lead you precisely where you want to be.

Therefore Mindset & Marketing is Sanja’s passion and focus. She is committed to learning and growing every day, and being a life long student. There have been many mentors in her life, generously passing their wisdom to her. Giving back, or better, “passing on” is a powerful Growth Spiral she enjoys being involved in.

Sanja loves to teach and activate, and is passionate about helping to awake oppressed passions in others into life and growth. Nothing is more rewarding to her than being able to give and share knowledge in a way that supports others in living up to their potentials to achieve a joyful, passionate, fulfilling life.



MY VISION: Creating a huge and continuously growing “Reality Bubble” of like minded individuals, who are feeding the intention of and are living a life in financial & emotional freedom, with joy and respect, in other words – living worthy, healthy, prosperous lives.

MY MISSION: Working on myself and my business ventures every day, with all available resources that support my growth in a way that allows me to share, inspire and empower others around me into breaking free from limitations, and achieving their own definitions of prosperity.

MY GOAL: Living passion. Be HAPPY. That’s all. That’s what we all want. That’s what is driving our decisions all of the time. The goal therefore is to learn how to continuously clean and remove clutter from our lives, and become skillful pure positive creators of our happiness.

(And if any of this sounds to you like a message from another Planet.. then something is wrong on this Planet, and we should use our strongest positive intentions (the spiritual part of our existence) to live a positively exciting life in the physical world on THIS Planet. I don’t think I am idealistic. I just like to be realistic about what IS possible to be, do and have.)

“Circumstances? I create them.” (- Anonymous? -)









The secret to SUCCESS is to use your CAPACITY every day.

POTENTIAL is the gun load.
PASSION is the driving force.
CAPACITY is the detonator.
You are the IGNITER – when you take massive action.

CAPACITY is what you can do RIGHT NOW with your time and resources available to fire a laser sharp sniper bullet towards your targeted goal. And then another bullet. And another…
All YOU need to do is DO. Use it. One shot at a time, starting now. Taking massive empowered action in alignment with your defined clear goals.





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